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Required Materials

2+ Composition or spiral notebook



Red Pen


Graphing or Scientific Calculator  (TI  brand  preferred)

Ramona Lucero Locker

Ramona Lucero

505-334-9414 ext 1348
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Homework Calendar

To access the lesson plans for Honors Algebra 2, Pre AP Geometry, or Geometry, please click on the link below




Extra Credit

If you want to raise your grade, you can do extra credit on Khanacademy.  After you sign up, go to the coaches page and enter your code: 2nd hr:BQP7XJ, 3rd hr: JCR4VH, 4th hr: 9KGN7N, 6th hr: EEVQBH, 7th hr: FYJHCD, 8th hr: M8WARH