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Contact Information

505-334-9414 ext 1342


Marie Jensen - Special Ed

Key Club Co-Advisor

Haunted House Clean-up continues after school

Concession Stand Sat. Nov 15 at 1:00 -(game starts at 2)

Wrapping for our troops - Wrapping present for the Blue Star Mothers will begin Monday, Nov. 17 after school.

Induction ceremony Thursday, November 19



Life Skills Classes

We utilize the UNIQUE curriculum to meet IEP goals and to prepare for transition from school to work.

The students in the Life Skills classes learn  basic life skills in each academic area through hands on activities.

LIFE SKILLS Community Based Instrution activities (CBI)

Nov 18 - grocery shopping at Safeway

Nov 19 - Bowling

Dec 5 - Durango Train

Tiger Pride - classroom assesment

Preparation - on time, homework completed, have materials

Respect -





Monthly pre-assessment at the beginning of each month

Post assessments at the end of each month


Beginning semester - Placement reading assessment administered

Final exam - Placement reading assessment administered to show growth